FAQs - frequently asked questions

BitSend is file transfer service available free. When I want to distribute one's own work on time and the Web that want to send the large-capacity data which I cannot attach to an email, it is available.
I only have I have you choose the file which wants to upload "Select files..." of the top page, or a file cost drag & drop and am available. Because the URL of the file is automatically published and is displayed, tell the partner who wants to send a file about the URL.
Because a file deletion URL is displayed by a screen after the upload, take a memo. When I want to delete the file, it is more deletable than a file deletion URL.
The file size that I can upload becomes unlimited.
When upload extremely lasts to long time for the stable use of the service, I take a limit. Excuse me, you divide a file, and please use whether you use a higher-speed line.
I may be classified as an unwanted e-mail. Please confirm an unwanted e-mail folder.
When found the file which violated the Terms of Use such as the files which violated the right of the third party; of the red of the downloading page please inform it of "Report file" button. I cope as soon as possible.
There cannot be the thing that a URL is known unless uploaded one tells other one about a URL because I encrypt a downloading URL by 33 columns of alphanumeric characters.
No problem. I welcome the use for the business. Because charge may not occur, please use it in peace.
It is not topical that the manager side reads the file which a visitor uploaded. But approve it because you may perform presentation of the log in the legal organization concerned when illegality occurs for the upload of the file and the downloading.